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Automated Help Desk Hotline: (703) 373-7041

Please determine what type of question you have:

For subcontracting questions/concerns/issues pertaining to Subcontracting:
  • Contact the Federal Government agency that awarded the contract for questions/concerns/issues pertaining to the subcontracting plan and filing or reviewing subcontracting reports.
  • For training and subcontracting policy questions contact the SBA Commercial Marketing Representative (CMR) for your area/state. You may locate your CMR.s contact information at

Policy: A "policy" question is any inquiry relating to the specific data within the FSRS application (e.g. Content of Reports, Contract Numbers, DUNS Numbers, etc.)

Example Policy Questions:

  • What value should I place in a specific individual subcontact report?
  • Which DUNS number should I use?
  • Should I select Sub or Prime?

Technical: A "technical" question is any inquiry regarding the usage and expected behavior of the FSRS online application.

Example Technical Questions:

  • Why am I no longer able to login to FSRS?
  • How do I add a contract to my worklist?
  • How do I find out why my report was rejected?

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